Icarus Empire Project EP

by Icarus Empire

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released October 13, 2013

This EP will keep on filling with new track as time goes by, so stay tuned!

Composed, produced and mixed by MORGAN WHITE

FEATS in "Eyes set on fire" - Guitar solo by M.PLAZA and mastering by FÁBEL



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Icarus Empire Andalucía, Spain

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Track Name: Icarus Empire - From Above
Whispers sent from any place, when a strategically designed spiral suddenly tries to boggle my mind.
I'm proud of each wound, while walking through a dark path, unreal, meaningless, though it helps you evolve.

Transform the mass. We are incarnated in these physical bodies, but you remain open as you've never done.
Without resisting the negative burst.
Now I'm free, you're impatient.

What's the point of trying to figure a cause-and-effect sequence in our heads? When what really happens is a vanishing random switching of possibilities.

Arms spread. Breakthrough and transcend.

Watching as the situation unfolds with little perspective, we try to be pendulums that oscillate towards one side.
Losing half the magic of the unity. Conceive the other side as part of you: either good or bad, it makes every things flow, so we stumble because, basically, we meet those memories we shall move away from the past.
If you're not understanding what the angel says do not make an effort, the whole thing grows from within.

So what's the point of trying to figure a cause-and-effect sequence in our heads? When what really happens is a vanishing random switching of possibilities.

I decide to climb alone, with no reason why I should get to the top.

Do not resist, do not restrict, don't limit your thoughts to a lower level of vibration.
I quietly watch those wonderful moments passing by, shall I move on instead?
Keep on elevating what I consider my negative space during my expansion.

(WET) I'll handle the water stream through the cave, where there are rough walls and nothing but death.

Feel grateful to be alive... and breathe...
Track Name: Decode
First you don't know where you are
What's this uncomfortable place?
...so, find the humble pulse within
this mistery that keeps revealing us
to ourselves

It's curious how a personal isolation
can lead
to a general tuning
between individuals and their environment

Repeated feeling of deception
when you see you can not vibrate
just like the others
THEN you feel they are "the others"

Cycles gone over... be aware that
there's no cure for there's no sickness
you've been warned a million times
I know it's an old story
but it's worth spreading it...
...so why don't you face and embrace your darkest side?
Why don't you give yourself the chance to thrive by
taking your time to know what lurks inside your deepest mind?

Old waves come back
but don't be afraid
you rode them once
they took you where you're now
Like a badly squeezed piece of fruit
they might still got some juice...
... now shower in its reasons to come back
and get dry with your brand new harmony.

Lift this newfound end.

Cycles gone over. Spot is found. The cut is done...
Welcome to your new ground of understanding.

(It's stretching)

It's stretching, tangled thoughts built this membrane you've just passed
no matter if conscious or unconsciously
Still curious, the continuous elevation one feels when transgressing
the usual position... I'll put it this way:

First you don't know where you are (uncomfortable space)
You get scared, even mad (time goes by)
Find the humble pulse within (adjust the reins)
Once the cut is done... fades to bright.

Back in your feet for a while, until another stone appears in the way.
Maybe you have seen the point, this weak sounds are nothing more
than words.